Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Best Show on Television...Hands Down

I have just seen the best new show on television. I've been watching a lot of television for the past couple of weeks, checking out new shows, seeing what old shows are giving me and this show was amazing. I was riveted the entire hour. I was nervous about leaving the TV even for the commercials. It was shot like a movie, I swear. I even knew what was going to happen and I still didn't want to miss a minute. It was very well acted and the cinematography was so professional. I'm all over this show.


tuckergurl said...

I was on phone during it. I'll have to watch the episode online. I loved the book and the film so I have faith it is amazing.

The Rover said...

Saw the pilot a couple of weeks ago, and I think it's really intriguing. Of course, if it's about football, you know I'm going to be into it. Good times.