Friday, October 06, 2006

Let Them Go...

I'm in a bloggy mood today...and definitely not in a mood to do work, so expect some posts today.

My first blog will be about the fact that today is a cold day. It's not freezing or anything, but it's definitely chilly. One must close his/her windows to keep out the chill. Most people are wearing jackets and long sleeves. It is also cloudy and gray and damp, with sporadic rain showers.

Yet, despite the fact it is a mere 55 degrees with no sun in sight and it's OCTOBER, there are still people in Our Fair City wearing flip flops. Granted, yesterday was a lovely, sunny fall day...however, the operative word is fall! Summer is officially over. It's time to put away the tank tops, the shorts...and the FLIP FLOPS! And no, it's not alright to wear them even though you're wearing jeans and sweatshirt. It's time to cover your feet. Why? Because it is cold outside.


Maura said...

Just this morning on the train -- there was a man with a flip flops, standing right in front of me.

Besides the cold -- I always get nervous for their bare little un-protected toes, in those crowded cramped trains! What if he gets stepped on!?!

Kelly said...

The flip flops and shorts are still being worn in San Francisco too. It's been chilly this week and we've had a bit of rain. We still may get a little warm weather yet but it's not happening now. Wear some shoes, fools!

I agree with Maura about the danger of exposed toes. I worked for a podiatrist for a couple of years and he used to just shake his head about people wearing flip flops or sandals in crowds.