Friday, October 06, 2006

"Giving Flowers While They're Alive"

My Aunt Polly told me that during the wake of my grandmother seven years ago. I was offended by all the people coming up to my mother saying how much they loved my grandmother when neither Grandma nor my mom had heard from them in decades. They had a right to be there and mourn her passing but don't be fake about it, was what I thought. Polly said that the key was to give flowers to people while they're alive, because they are of no use to someone when they're dead. I've been trying to live that saying every day. It makes it so much easier to give compliments and not feel weird or exposed. I'm just giving flowers while they're alive.

I say this because a good friend of mine has been quite supportive of me lately. It's not about supporting me through a crisis or anything...she's just been there, you know? So, just in case I haven't said it as much as I've thought it, I want to let her know that I notice the support and I really appreciate it.

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