Friday, October 13, 2006

Thank God I Don't Believe in Hell

On the whole, I wouldn't consider myself an in-your-face type of woman, especially not regarding men. I have female friends that are completely "I am Woman, hear me Roar," and it so works for them. Often I wish I was more that way...more "Don't F*ck With Me"-esque. We won't go into the gender politics regarding societal labels for an assertive woman here...but feel free to comment.

But I heard about this on the radio this morning and thought something that could be construed by some as...bitchy. Then my s'mom forwarded me the article and the thought came to me again. So instead of pretending I'm above it all, I'm just going to say it...

Payback is a Bitch!

Addendum: It's Saturday morning and I just heard on NPR that this storm has caused major damage in the area. I'm not just talking about power outages. Apparently people have died and 100-year-old trees have fallen due to the weight of the snow. So...even though TMFB deserves to be inconvenienced, the city itself doesn't deserve's a really nice city. Here's hoping the city recoups soon.

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