Sunday, October 15, 2006

Reader's Poll

Okay, anyone who happens across this post please leave a comment. I need to know the following: what do you think when you come across a woman who has tattoos? Be honest. Be anonymous if you need to, but I really need to know.


deejinator said...

It depends on the tattoo. Not a fan of the large, startling tattoo, but think some of the smaller ones can be sexy.


Anonymous said...

I've always found tattoos on anyone, men or women, tacky and cheap. I admit that I make a judgment about someone who has a tattoo. They automatically lose points in my eyes. I know it's not "fair", but I'm being honest. When a friend of mine got a tattoo when she turned 40, I was very disappointed. We're still friends and I think she's great, but the tattoo looks stupid, juvenile and cheap.

People think tattoos are cool when they're young. How cool is that rose on your calf going to look when you're an 80 year-old grandma? You'll probably look like an old hooker.

Kyle said...

Depends on where they are, and how many there are. I generally think that the chances of her having sex with me are much greater.

Hey, you said be honest...

m. said...

Kyle is funny.

I don't have have a judgment about women with or without tattoos.


There's too much speculation involved, to make a judgment like that.

I don't have any tattoos or piercings. Nor am I promiscuous. I also don't like sharing drinks and/or food with friends. (No one should be offended by this: I won't drink from the glass of my own mother!!)

None of the reasons for my choices to abstain from certain activities have anything to do with morals. I'm basically just a germaphobe. And indecisive. And fearful of ever making a decision that might have a .02 percent chance of having a long-lasting effect on my life.

Yet -- most people like to think I'm some innocent in the world walking the moral high ground and judging all those below me.


Well, it might be a little true -- but I wouldn't be judging people based on their sex lives nor on their tattoos/piercings. Those decisions have nothing to do with morality as far as I'm concerned.

NOW -- I might judge someone on taste! But that's another issue. (I trust you're NOT going to get a neon-colored shamrock like my older brother got, right?!)