Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Though TMFB ended up being a real loser, some significant things came out our interaction. I have mentioned some of them in an earlier post, but there are more!

One thing he reminded me of was the idea of connection. Everything is indeed connected and peace comes from the acknowledgment of this fact, as well as acting accordingly. This is a concept that I was raised to believe. It's also one that is very easy to forget, especially when you are in the midst of a crippling depression and you feel nothing but alone. Overall, though, I do believe Happiness Is knowing that the universe is constantly in conversation with you.

So after I hung out with TMFB, I became much more in tune with this concept. There have been tangible examples of it, and it hasn't stopped yet! As you may have gleaned from my previous post, I am getting another tattoo and I am wondering where to put it. I really wanted to put it on the inside of my right wrist, due to the nature of the tattoo and chakras. I had heard some negative feedback on that idea because it's so conspicuous, but I didn't care.


My neighbor...who has a bunch of non-visible tattoos and runs a custom tattoo shop...cautioned against it on the train ride to work. This is not remarkable as we talk often. But we NEVER ride to work together...ever! The fact that she was on my train and she made some cogent points no one else mentioned gave me pause.

THEN! This article was posted on the Times website less than an hour ago. The universe is telling me something. So I think I'm going to put the tattoo in a more discreet place. It will still be easily visible...because I don't believe in putting art on my body that I can't enjoy...but I will be able to cover it up when necessary.


tuckergurl said...

We'll have to chat about your change of heart. Actually the more that I thought about it, the more I agree with your decision. It has been on my mind actually and I was going to chat with you about it.

In a perfect world, it would be perfectly fine for you to have a tattoo on your wrist but sadly, that is not this one. You are going into an industry that is conservative and you want to be in a smaller city where people may not be as understanding about it. You can not forget that you already are a black woman with dreds and that has all of its own baggage. You have to prove yourself more than your white counterparts and that's a fact. So maybe having a visible tattoo like that might be kind of difficult for you. I hate to say that but the more I have been polling my friends, the more they agree.

But again, whatever decision you make is fine. Knowing you, the decision will be highly informed.

The Rover said...

I agree with T. I mean, I think that a tattoo on the wrist can actually be quite tasteful, but that means have to rely on wristbands or chunky bracelets for the rest of your life, and what if they go out of style? I think you're better off going with a little less visible place...

Beebs said...

Well what is it that you are planning to put on your wrist if you did it and what size? will there be coloring? Because a small black shape will hardly be seen and actually the bracelets is a perfectly fine compramise. The world is changing- I don't think that tatoos or your dreds are as much of an obstacle as they use to be. I felt the article actually implied as much

Lucas Salazar said...

"Overall, though, I do believe Happiness Is knowing that the universe is constantly in conversation with you."

Any you say you don't believe in God...careful about euphemism. :)