Sunday, October 22, 2006

Me and the Cult Leader

It's strange...when most people I know talk about belief systems being used to divide and separate, they are referring to right-wing conservatives who have a very entrenched belief in God. However, perhaps because of my upbringing, I'm more sensitive to liberal, left-leaning people who have a very entrenched belief in some sort of "alternative" or non-Western religious tradition.

I was raised a Nichiren Buddhist. The first time I read the Bible was my senior year in high school for a Western Civilization class. However, about 4-5 years ago, I left my faith because it was no longer doing what I thought a religion should do. I wasn't inspired by the teachings and I wanted no part of the community. I'm sure part of that decision came from my own fear, but part of it was most definitely the group of people I was encountering.

Now I define myself as Buddhist, but I am not quite sure exactly what kind. Yes, like in Christianity, there are different sects of Buddhism! All I know is that I like meditating and I am NOT a Nichiren Buddhist and I can't get into Judea-Christian religions...I tried, I just can't. However, since I don't know exactly what I'm talking about when it comes to a specific belief system, I usually try to keep my mouth shut and my mind open to listening to other world views...hence, why I know I'm not Christian.

This "openness" or "floundering"...whatever you want to call it...can get one into trouble. The weekend I went to Buffalo, I attended a lecture by this guy named Bijan Anjomi. He's a former Mr. Universe who's created this philosophy called "Effortless Prosperity." I won't go into the details here...they aren't really the point. Suffice it to say, a lot of what he says draws on Buddhist teachings. When I was listening to him, I didn't learn anything, but I was reminded of a lot I grew up with.

Because of this familiarity I felt, I was very drawn to him. He made it sound so easy. He wasn't the clearest teacher of the concepts, but he was brilliant at making you think that what he was saying in the moment made complete sense...even if it contradicted what he said 30 minutes ago. I was almost about to buy one of his books, until...

Someone in the audience asked about the year 2012. Bijan did not go into specifics, but he said something to the effect of between 2012 and 2016, the world as we know it is going to change radically.
The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. After the lecture I was speaking to some of the other people there and they mentioned something about the lost world of Atlantis and the return of "non-physical beings" to the earth. I was officially done.

But what actually scared the crap out of me wasn't what Bijan was how the audience interpreted what he said. Someone actually said something to the effect of:
"When the world change happens, those who don't believe may not make it through it. Some of those people may be those we love, so we need to come to peace with that."
Not only was the audience blindly accepting this Buddhism-lite, they were quite judgmental about people who weren't also blindly accepting. It was that narrow-minded interpretation of complex concepts by weak minds that made me think that I was in the midst of a cult. I've been to Bijan's website...the only reference to Atlantis is in a podcast you can purchase. All the writings on the main pages don't mention the underwater world at all. I feel like the people who are digging on him are in the middle of a bait and switch. I just want to tell them: STAY AWAY FROM ANY KOOL-AID!


Anonymous said...

Ok first of all let me say you should do a bit more research before actually bad mouthing people and their beliefs. as you said above... some people were talking about atalntis and and non physical beings. Bijan to my knowledge has never talked about such things... he might in some example or another have refered to the fictional story but has never actually said much more about it. and he says that the world will change in the future... but not that everyone would die, and those who dont agree with what he says perish. Some people might misinterpret what he says... but he has never even implied such a thing. anyways have a great day. im out now

Anonymous said...

Bijan is a wonderful high energy, positive vibrational man. I've never heard him reference Atlantis.

Speaking of Altantis, you don't like?
I know that SG-1 is the better Stargate, but Stargate Atlantis has it's fans!

Peace and Joy and Love!

Anonymous said...

and Bijan has been charged with two counts of rape in Toronto Canada today

Anonymous said...

Motivational speaker charged with sex assaults

May 07, 2008 11:01 AM

A 64-year-old motivational speaker from Las Vegas faces three charges related to the alleged sexual assaults of two women in Toronto hotel rooms.

Toronto police say the woman, aged 27 and 37, believed their were attending personal coaching sessions when they were assaulted.

Police say the suspect is described as a motivational speaker, spiritual leader and personal coach and believe there may be other alleged victims.

Bijan Anjomi is charged with three counts of sexual assault and is due to appear in court today.

Anonymous said...

Toronto police say the woman, aged 27 and 37, believed their were attending personal coaching sessions when they were assaulted. Police say the suspect is described as a motivational speaker, spiritual leader and personal coach and believe there may be other alleged victims.

Bijan Anjomi is charged with three counts of sexual assault and is due to appear in court today.

Canadian Press--May 7, 2008

Anonymous said...

check the canadian news lately? this guy has just been charged with attempting to 'persuade' some ladies in close encounters that he's the man!,,seems they think it was sexual assault...not too buddha like!!

Anonymous said...

I have known Bijan Anjomi for many years and he is a good man. I happen to know also the therapist for many years who is making accusations and she mentionned to me one time at a session that she was jalous of his success and that she would brake his career. Well isn't she on the path to make her projects reality. And on top of this she kept on going to see him over and over again and praising him and secretly plotting in his back. Very strange behavior indeed for a scared woman. I have heard that she is accusing another man of the sessions of having also abused her. It makes her very popular, don't you think. Sounds similar to the case of René Angelil, big money???? or jalousy....

Anonymous said...

In response to your comment those women will have to proove what they are saying and they are together making accusations the same day. Sounds strange and fishy to me. Howcome they know each other and that the 37 year old lady is a client being under the care of the therapist for a nervous breakdown. WOW, sounds more and more ridiculous.....

Anonymous said...

bijan is inocent he is a great healer put youre attention on being above the line and dont put it where its no ones business

raj said...

Bijan is innocent 100%, i love him

Anonymous said...

Some people know what time it is and some people don't. Cult of personality is a dangerous thing. Everyone of David Koresh's and Jim Jones' followers loved them.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am the sex therapist who is accusing Mr. Bijan Anjomi. I regret
what I am doing but I feel an urge to punish and have some kind of recognition. If some people want to write me their comments, I would be happy to read them. My friend also. We don't know what we got involved into since our young age. We are in the dark. Do not go ever under hypnosis with anyone because you fall into a state that you can run your car into a ditch.
This dith can wake you up and what a wake up call it is. Dirt all over you and bruises. I like very much the policemen who took our complaint but I would've peferred a woman. Woman are so superior to man. We are emerging as the new power on earth and we will cleanse
the planet of the non beleivers. There is going to be a change in a near future and aliens are going to show us the way. We are now with a new leader who preaches the separation of the sexes because the problem is there.
Let's all get together to fight machism and control. Please write to me with you comments and experiences and if some of you need therapy, I would be more than glad to oblige all of you. They say I am the best.

Anonymous said...

All of you whom wrote these horribly negative comments against Bijan make me sick to my stomach. Don't these allegations sound the least bit suspicious to all of you?

Bijan is a good man who changed my life in so many positive ways. How dare you ignorant people post things you know nothing about! You all were not in that room during the alleged incident, so now all of you are suddenly psychic and know what really happened in that room? It's people like you who make this world a horrible place to live. Accusing people of things when you have no evidence or proof. It's sickening, ignorant, and childish. You should be ashamed of yourselves for tainting someone's name, someone you don't even know.

Anonymous said...

Just because someone is charged is a long, long way from them being guilty.

Just because someone accuses someone doesn't mean they are guilty.

Just because someone professes innocence doesn't mean they are innocent.

Proof helps - but is not always available or untainted.

Our minds can be deceived any which way so easily.

In time, truth will prevail - because the destiny of all deciet is exposure. Light always follows the night.

God will deal.

Prevail in peace.

Anonymous said...

This Post is for this therapist who I believe needs therapy herself. Why would you go through all the trouble in messing with an innocent person? I’m 27 years old and I have been following Bijan’s Teachings for many years now, you must have some serious issues if you mistaken an act of kindness or unconditional love with sexual assault.
It’s very clear that you must have a mental problem especially if you think aliens will show us the way in the future. Whoever thinks you’re the best therapist was probably hypnotized by you.
It’s so obvious that you need to see a therapist yourself and you also need to get a life.
Everyone knows that women are superior to man, but for you to talk about getting together to fight machism. Really?? Are you serious!!! LMAO...
There we go again with you confirming your own insanity.

This whole story with Bijan is just because you hate men in general, he didn’t do anything. He is a wonderful human being.
I’m very curious that you decided to press charges about something that happened in 2006? (That I’m positive never happened) I mean did you just wake up one day and thought about it or where you guided by an alien?? WTF… how come you never did it sooner?

You just proved it with your apology that Bijan is innocent (if anyone get assaulted they would never feel bad about what they are doing) and with your insanity toward men (separation of the sexes and mashism…LMAO, lady we are in 2008)

Please get over your drama and let follow Bijan’s teaching in peace!!

Anonymous said...

Those who know Bijan, know the Truth! Let's not forget that Judging others is living below the line.

Those who don't know any better are lead by their Ego's instead of their Spirit's. The universe does not know if what you are asking for in your life is coming from a place of love or just gives you what you ask for. There are no "victims" and no "assailants" in this world, just players in this game of life we all agreed to play in.

If you know the real truth about life, than forgive yourself of all this judgment. Fill your hearts with love, peace and joy! This is the only way to heal the world and ourselves.

As for the reference to Atlantis...
Yes, Bijan has spoken of Atlantis. He speaks of it when he speaks of the mindset of the world..."The Mass Consciousness". Anyone who has been to "clear to create" will know this.

Atlantians were people who's lives revolved around thought. They were scientists and researchers. They HAD to have a answer for EVERY question. That is what Bijan was referring to...we are Atlantian in our thinking...we always need an answer.

Only when you listen to Who You Really Are do you know the truth...


Anonymous said...

Local Author Accused Of Attacking 2 Women Cleared Of Charges

Updated: Sep 24, 2008 04:39 PM PDT

A local author and motivational speaker accused of attacking two women has been cleared of all charges.

Charges against Bijan Anjomi were dropped by a Canadian court.

Anjomi was accused of attacking two women in Toronto, during a conference.

He says that he plans to continue speaking at seminars and conferences now that his name is cleared.

Keep it tuned to Channel 13 Action News

raj said...

I Trusted all the time that Anjomi is innocent,he is one among the most beautiful people i have ever come across in my life

Anonymous said...

Bijan is a liar. He was married to my aunt. He is the most disgusting man. Whoever thinks he is a wonderful man should never leave their 12 year old daughters alone in the same room with him. One day he will get his day in court and I hope he rots in hell.

Anonymous said...

Bijan and his wonderful wife Samia are wonderful people.

Bijan is a 2 time Mr. Universe, he is a very fit man with a great personality and charisma.

He has no need to be a predator. He is a very clear man, and I can see him saying "no" to advances by women.

It makes more sense that women who have made advances on him wanted revenge, than him taking advantage of anyone.

As far as "Atlantis" and 2012, or any other such future predictions, you don't have to be a psychic to know the world as we know it is changing, it's been changing. (laugh).

Anonymous said...

It is so obvious that whoever posted the comment above "from the person who accused Bijan of sexual assualt" is his wife Samia. He's 60 and she's in her 20's. Doesn't that sounds creepy? She is obivously with him for the money and is scared that nobody will listen to him anymore and he will be broke and she will have to divorce him. She should have more respect for herself and leave him. Bijan is lying to her and she believes him. I feel sorry for her.

raj said...

I pray god to give some sense to one who posted above comment immediately

Dianne said...

I know Bijan and Samia - for awhile I knew them both pretty well. They are both (in my opinion) wonderful people. Samia is considerably younger than him, but she is definitely well past her twenties - I beleive she is in her forties. I know that she has a son that is almost twenty.

Until I started reading this article, I had no idea how old Bijan was, but assummed him to be near my age which is 60.

People if you are going to state a fact about someone - make sure your facts are in fact - factual.


Henry said...

I have spoken to many women who say that they have also been sexually assaulted by Bijan but are too afraid to go to the police. He needs to be stopped.