Sunday, December 24, 2006

A British Accent Makes Everything Better

I came home Friday evening exhausted! I was so happy to begin my 10 days of holidays and vacation. I turned on the TV and nothing was on. So I ordered Imagine Me & You from On Demand cable.

It's quite a sweet movie, and it's pretty predictable. The American version of this romantic comedy is made almost every other month. But there is something about British wit and British accents that made this movie so much sweeter and funnier.

You want proof that what I say is true? Piper Perabo was the lead. She had to feign a British accent for this film...she did a solid job. She's was also in Coyote Ugly and The Cave. Not masterpieces by any stretch of the imagination. Yet her mediocre acting abilities were totally masked by all the wit and the accents!

Random Trivia: It was made by Ol Parker, an ordinary-looking chap, who just happens to be married to Thandie Newton.

Happy Christmas Eve!


Angela said...

I wanted to like this film more but ... I just couldn't. It was just so silly. I just couldn't believe it. I too ordered it from On Demand. I mean, it was one of the better lesbian love stories out there. I'll give it that.

Danielle said...

Great now I am going to have to rent this just to know...jeesh!

Quel said...

I agree with you 100%. I saw this movie On Demand as well.

I saw a woman performing...acoustic guitar & singing...and was this close to hating on her for trying to bite India Arie's style, but then she spoke after a set in the sweetest English accent..."Do-you like myyy sooongs?" Instantly loved her.