Monday, December 11, 2006

Ghosts and Celebrations

My apartment is a ghost town tonight. The people from "Law and Order" painted my living room today. So instead of the warm, inviting Moroccan Red it has been for the past two years, it's now a plain, dull off-white. All of my cushy, lived in furniture has been pushed to the middle of the living room. The aged wood bookcases are smooshed next to them. My TV is on the floor of my bedroom. They've unplugged my stereo.

It's so stark and so quiet...and it smells like paint.

It reminds me of when I first moved in...the previous owner just finished whitewashing everything when I bought the place.

It reminds me of what I felt when I first moved in as tonight, there are the ghosts of Ex and Her and depression and grief sort of floating around my living room.

But I got a look at the shot list for tomorrow and it says "L. Britt's Residence." It also says that Jesse Martin and Milena Govich will definitely be here. I'll be receiving a phat check for them being in my house. I'll have to remember to be nice to Milena; I don't have the same excitement over meeting her as I do for Jesse, but that's only because she's new. I'm sure I'll grow to love her as well.

So I'm crazy excited and a little overwhelmed that this is actually happening as well as freaked out at how different my apartment feels and how much that puts me off-kilter. I don't think I've ever had such an intense relationship with my living environment before.

My street is a ghost town as well tonight. They are clearing the street in front of and behind my building by towing all the cars still parked. I have absolutely NO sympathy for the stupid idiots that parked right where there have been signs since Friday saying "don't park here tonight." It just goes to show how incredibly ignorant our country is. Either they didn't read the neon green sign that begins by saying "No Parking," or they read the sign and decided to defy it. As if by leaving their SUV on the street, they would show the cops who's boss. Dumb fucks!

As I see the cars get hauled away, I secretly think to myself...It's all for ME! Even though I know it isn't, it does make me smile.

To top it all off, my The Mormon is very sick and I am worried about him.

As you can see, I'm a big ole mess of emotions this fine evening.

Maybe it's just the paint fumes...


Kelly said...

You must remember to tell us when the episode will be on. I haven't watched "Law & Order" in years but I love Jesse Martin. He's gorgeous and he's an amazing performer.

Try to keep those ghosts at bay and remember how cool this is, how envious we all are and all that you can do with the money. :)

m. said...

Which L&O is it?

My hero is Det. Munsch from SVU.

Yeah. That's right. I said: Hero.