Thursday, December 07, 2006


So I'm a girlfriend again.

The Mormon officially asked me to be his girlfriend on Sunday night. And he actually asked reminded me of the scene in Easy that I like so much. And though I am thrilled by the fact that I am his girlfriend, the fact that I am A Girlfriend is kind of strange to me.

I makes no sense.

I've dated since Ex, but I haven't been in a committed relationship since him and I guess that is what's so strange to me. There was a time when I never thought I would be in a relationship again. Yet, here I am.

And it's a nice one, nonetheless!

One where he makes a point of asking me how my day went; one where I am Sa-Tis-Fied, if you catch my drift; one where we love learning about and from each other.

There is a part of me that wonders when this is going to end, because of course this is going to end, right. What I am going to do to mess this up.

But I don't wonder enough to stop. I'm too happy.

I'm not rebelling against the label "girlfriend." I'm very comfortable with traditional societal roles and names for things. It what it means, you know? I am someone's girlfriend! Ahhhh!

The bonus I guess is that someone is my boyfriend. So I have a date on Saturday night, and someone to beat up people who are mean to me...though I would never make The Mormon do that. Well...maybe...depending...

I don't know. Ultimately, I'm happy to be his girlfriend and I'm glad he's my boyfriend and I'm having a great time and feel really good, so I'm not going to angst over this too much.


The Rover said...

Nice! Congrats!

summer said...


Kelly said...

Good for you, my dear. You deserve it!

Enjoy each moment and don't angst. :)

Vaslav said...

Yes, you not only deserve it, you are ready for it and in many ways made it happen by imagining it was possible. And by "it" I mean love. I'm not suggesting true love, love&marriage, endless love, or even love-without-problems. But you seem to be at a place where you allow good things to happen to you, and part of that was rejecting the other dates you wrote about in this blog. If being a girlfriend in itself was all that you wanted, you might have settled for one of those "eat the damn cheese" types. Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy yourself and the Mormon, though I think he needs a different blog name.... I keep picturing the Big Love dude