Monday, December 18, 2006

Thank You, Bush?

As usual, I am listening to All Things Considered. Michele Norris...I love her! covering the question of whether Americans can/will/would vote for an African-American President. In her story, Michele speaks with Diane McWhorter who says that Colin Powell made Americans comfortable with seeing a Black man as a national leader and Condi Rice made Americans comfortable with seeing a Black person in the inner sanctum of government.

I was actually talking about this issue this weekend and I said essentially what this McWhorter said: ironically, we have Bush 43 to thank for laying the groundwork for Obama in '08.

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beebs said...

Whats funny though is that when talking about who has a better chance, Hilary of Barack (I'm on a first name basis with both of course), the question that always comes up is this: Is this country more rascist or sexist? This always drudges up discussions of awful things that have happened in the past 8 yrs and what we have come upon is that there may be more sex crimes then racial crimes- and THAT is how we decide it will be Barack. The other funny note is that the people who are racist would not vote democratic anyway- but there are plenty DEMS who would never vote for a woman.

Now here is my question: Whats more important to you- candidates aside (Barack kicks hill's ass) - you're a black woman- do you feel its more important to have a black pres or a female pres. If the two candidates were equal, would you be torn?

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