Thursday, January 11, 2007

Today Was a Good Day

Even though I came home with a migraine, today was a good day overall. Wanna hear why? Well, here it goes:

1. Today is Thursday. Which means tomorrow is Friday and the start of a three-day weekend. One where I will hopefully spend a lot of time with The Mormon. Things are going very well with us, by the way.

2. I went running for the first time in a few days this morning. Does this happen to you? When you lose focus in one area of your life, it threatens to affect other areas? I wasn't as disciplined in my running, so it became a struggle to remain disciplined for the other things on my list. Weird.

3. Construction is moving at a nice clip on the Target around the corner from my house. I didn't see one beam raised for all of 2006. Apparently because they were building two or three levels of underground parking. But now that must be done because there are lots of beams up. I think it's going to be at least three floors. I'm so excited!

4. New episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" start tonight!

5. I'm living in a home without a wasp! I finally got the nerve to kill it last night after it freaking me out all week.

6. I got a thank you letter from the "Law & Order" people. They were sweet and told me they were very grateful. The episode where my apartment is featured will air on February 2nd.

7. But what makes today SO special is that today is our anniversary...Ella's and mine. That's right! Ella came into my life one year ago today. She was called Barbie then...yuck!...and I had no idea how much my life would change. I had to fight for her...hard. But after a year, I know her like I know no other living thing. She has been my companion and seen me in every mood. I have learned about myself and what I'm capable of. I love her so much. I can barely remember my life without her. Happy Anniversary, Ella. I love you!


Kelly said...

It's been a year with Ella already? Wow. Congratulations to you both. Be sure to remind us again about the "Law & Order" episode.

I'm glad about The Mormon too. You deserve much happiness. :)

Vaslav said...

Happy Anniversary! I'll admit I was worried abouthaving a dog in NYC, because I remember how little time I spent in my own apartment, espcially being a good 45 minutes away from work, etc. - but you have made all the sacrifices and adjustments to make it work - Bravo!They say that what your dog feels about you is a true test of your trustworthiness (or not) - so from the loving look in Ella's eyes, I'd say you rate very highly! Have a good 3-day...

m. said...

I'm so jealous of you and your pretty little dog!

I'm desperate for a dog. DESPERATE! - But I can't have one in my current living situation. And I'm not really ready to commit to one for years to come.


Until that day, I will have to settle for pet-sitting.

And hope that someone living near me will go away for awhile, so that I can have the opportunity to pet-sit!

p.s. calendar marked: Feb 2. L&O.