Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Un-PC Thought

I know that it is perfectly acceptable to hate Valentine's Day. I understand the reasons...actually, The Rover brought up some good reasons from the male perspective.

However, I don't agree. I know I am coming from a position of being in a relationship, so you may instantly discard my opinion. I know you will do this because I used to do the same thing. However, just because someone is happy on this day doesn't make their feelings less valid than people who are miserable.

Anyway, the reason I disagree is that I was looking back on past Valentine's Days. And most years, I always spent it with someone I loved. Whether it be a boyfriend or a best friend or a group of good friends or family. My Valentine's Day was only miserable on the days when I couldn't see the love that already existed in my life.

I actually cannot stand the blatant guilt marketing that goes along with this holiday, but I do see this holiday as a day to celebrate love. And for me, love takes many shapes. So I'm making a point to reach out to all the people I love today.

Now...if there comes a Valentine's Day when I'm single and hating my status, I'm going to have to read this sappy post and try and remember when I felt this good!

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The Rover said...

Thanks for the props. I don't begrudge you celebrating love, at all - I think it's great! (But I will remind you of this if you are ever single again...)

And your post also reminded me of a great point: many people simply hate Valentine's because they are single. Or alone. Or unhappy. That doesn't mean that they hate the holiday. That means they are jealous. And that's a whole 'nother problem.

Hope that your day is great!