Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Tally

So I've heard from all the schools I applied to. My record is 3 for 4. Not too shabby! Except that it's really 2.5 for 4. Let me explain:

I applied to Harvard, Teachers College (Columbia), George Washington, and University of Pennsylvania. I got into Harvard, GW and TC. But the thing is, TC thought my doctoral application was only good enough for a masters. When I read the acceptance letter I thought, "F*ck You!"

So that's why I feel I only halfway got into TC. Regardless of acceptances, no other school even came close to the financial package that Harvard delivered. I guess the universe is pointing me in the direction I need to go.

I went to a Harvard reception for admitted students tonight and met an alumnus who is doing exactly what I want to do when I graduate. That made me so happy!

He also had good feedback for TM, but I don't want to go into know my thing about jinxing events by saying them out loud.

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