Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Oddly Weirded Out

I made a serious decision today. No, not about grad school...more on that later. I downgraded my cable. Now all I have is basic: the first 13 channels on the dial. I made the call at work because I knew the only way I would go through with it was if I wasn't near the TV. I'm just now realizing all the channels I've lost: Comedy Central, TBS, TNT...and most sadly, Turner Classic Movies. I am glad, though. I'm going to save around $40 a month, which is money that can go toward my new new life. I may balance it out by resubscribing to Netflix, which will still save me money.

The thing is, I feel naked. I'm afraid of all I'll miss...even though I just used cable to watch old movies and "Law and Order" reruns on TNT. I didn't even watch "The Daily Show" religiously. The shows that I am attached to are on network TV anyway. But I still feel strange. I hope I'll get used to it...not being able to flip channels will definitely free up my evenings.

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