Friday, March 16, 2007

The Visit

Sorry this post took so long...I was so tired this week! Last weekend was lots of fun, informative, interesting...and tiring! I can't believe all the things we did in just two days.

To bring everyone up to date: TM's parents, Roscoe and Mickey...not their real names, came into town last weekend. I was pretty much a nervous wreck the week leading up to their visit and I didn't get much sleep the night before they arrived. But I cleaned well enough so that I felt no anxiety having them stay in my house.

Roscoe is a quiet, yet intense, man. He is very singular of purpose and slightly impatient. This has served him well as an entrepreneur, but it makes it difficult sometimes to interact with him on a personal level. When he wants to tell you something, that is what he will do...regardless of whether or not you already know the information or care to know. He also has very expressive, child-like eyes, so watching his face is really entertaining. He did a wonderful job of making me feel part of the conversation, however, even when the three of them were talking about people and places I had never seen.

Mickey is a sweet woman who has a inner strength it would behoove you not to discount. She reminds me of my S'mom in that she often said things that totally surprised you for their forthrightness and power. I totally dug that. She is also caring without being overbearing. On Sunday night, when I was so tired I was on the verge of tears and could not keep up with the group, she very subtly slowed down her pace so that she was walking beside me. That was nice.

Okay, so this is all that we did in two days:
Now can you understand why I was so tired last Sunday...and all this week?

All in all, it was a good time and I'm glad I met them. I have received the "seal of approval" from them both, which feels good...though since my family doesn't work that way at all, the import of it is a bit lost on me. When I meet the whole clan in July, I will probably feel it then.

Another positive result of the visit is that I feel a lot closer to TM. I can't really explain it, but TM said that he felt it as well. He said that he felt it when he met one of my sets of parents last month, too. It's an intense feeling, but very cool.

Okay, now I begin another weekend: this Sunday, I'm hosting the bridal shower and have to do all the cooking. I need a vacation from my weekends!


Danielle said...

Wow thats intense! Thats all my utterly single self can say =)

vaslav said...

now you really need an entire weekend of doing nothing at all but chilling out with Ella (and TM)! Hopefully it will be this coming weekend, which looks like nice weather. A boring post, but I figured you could use some down time...too bad their names aren't really roscoe and mickey - I like it.

summer said...

in two days, geez woman! glad the visit went well. i like how you described the dad and said how his manner served him well as an entrepreneur but not so well intrapersonally.

I have a friend like that. You've given me a new way to look at him. He's needed co-workers. That's a big part of intrapersonal development I think. Hmm. Food for thought. Thanks, L. Britt!

Quel said...

I need a vacation TO your weekends. NYC seems like such an awesome city. I went there for one day when I was 18 to do go-sees. I wanted to model and going to NYC was my last straw. Nothing worked out. Anyway, I'd like to visit again. Maybe catch a show one day when I'm all grown up.