Monday, May 14, 2007

The Good Ole U S of A... a place I have barely seen! I knew My States Visited would be bleak, but dayum! Quel says.

Well, this summer TM and I are driving cross-country from Colorado to New York. I told him that we have to stop and visit someplace interesting in every state we drive through, so I can say I visited the state. He's done this before and thinks it's boring, but I don't care...we're doing it anyway. Then I'll redo this map and it will be redder than ever! Mwah ha ha ha ha!

create your own visited states map or check out these Google Hacks.

Did I mention that I have bronchitis and that I was prescribed liquid Vicodin to subdue my cough to heal my throat? Did I also mention that I took my cough syrup before writing this post? That might explain some of the loopiness.


Quel said...

Liquid Vicodin sound dangerous! That map looks like fun too. I'm thinking I'll try it out. Happy Travels!

Danielle said...

Liquid vicodin sounds nice to me! My map is totally coast snobbery- no worries