Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Random Thought, but Still a Good Question

As I hear about yet another wedding involving someone I know, I had a thought today: Do women take into account the timing of their period when picking a wedding date? Goodness knows, I would. I wouldn't want to be bloated or high on PMS or worried about leakage on my wedding day.

That's all.


Angela said...

I have thought about this quite a bit because I have a few weddings this summer. All I know is that I will not be hvaing my wedding anytime in the 20s of a month. No way!

However, sometimes the stress of it all brings your monthly visitor early so I'm not sure you can really control it.

summer said...

One popular method is using BC pills to postpone your period. I've never done it; but I'm not saying I wouldn't in that case.

Danielle said...

Yes thats exactly what they do- they just don't take the placebos t- they keep taking the estrogen