Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Being right in the middle of the Rocky Mountains means that you a lot of hiking. I have already been on three hikes at least an hour long since I've been. Here is what you see during them:

Hike #1: A waterfall in Conejos Canyon.

I actually didn't get any pictures during my second hike. It wasn't that high. But there was beautiful valley filled with light green plants.

Hike #3: At Mesa Verde.

I think I'm all done with hikes for a while, which means I have to back to running. Ah well.

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vaslav said...

I have to admit I almost spit out my coffee reading the cattle drive. You are an incredibly good sport! I wouldn;t worry too much if you aren't a natural born cow-herder...don't worry, TM will get payback with crazed Irish football players in November...