Monday, July 30, 2007

News Flash!

I have been remiss in posting...I apologize. I do have crazy stories to tell, including one where I help castrate several male calves by pulling their balls down so that a rubber band can be placed on them like a tourniquet so they fall off. No joke.

However, I must inform all those that know TM that at approximately 11:30pm on this day, TM cut all his hair off. joke. He just got sick of it and so his mother put his hair in a 10-inch long braid and cut it off. Now his hair is right below his ears. We're donating the braid to Locks of Love.

None of us really know how to cut hair, so on our way to start our cross-country trip back to the East Coast, TM and I will stop at a barber's to help shape it.

Can you believe it?

UPDATE: TM went to a mall hair salon in Santa Fe, NM and he got a $20 haircut to shape up the girl bob that emerged after his mother cut his ponytail off. I was worried, but it turned out fantastic. He's always been handsome to me, but now he looks even more so. He looks the same as well. It's weird. It's him...only handsomer.

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Angela said...

WOW! That's huge.