Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Public Opinion Survey

Below are two versions of the same dance by Gwen Verdon, a famous Broadway star, performed on "The Ed Sullivan Show." This dance was choreographed by Bob Fosse, one of the most famous choreographers ever. One of these videos is one of the most HILARIOUS things I have ever seen. But I want to withhold my opinion until you see both and comment.

Which one do you prefer?

Gwen Verdon #1

Gwen Verdon #2


browngirl said...

okay, now that i have stopped laughing, squealing and crying all at once... the name of the dance is hilarious, first of all. and i was so thinking that it looked like some of this poppin' and walkin' out these kids are doing these days. that second one gets my vote for the track, too funny...

Kelly said...

You know, I've never appreciated rap so much as I did with this. It totally worked with the moves and it helped distract me from the spumoni inspired outfits. Yikes!