Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Catching Up

So much has been going on. It doesn't help that so much that goes on happens in the car, so I can't post about it.

So...quick recap. I'm no longer in Colorado. We left on Monday. The rest of my time there was pretty calm compared to the days working with the cows. I saw a play produced by a local repertory was alright. I kept thinking, "I could direct something here." I went to a Catholic wedding where TM and his family performed the music for the ceremony. I met more family, ate more steak and just hung out.

Now TM and I are on our cross-country journey. We are heading back to NYC via the South. We went back to Albuquerque to see yet another aunt and her family, then traveled 12 hours to Austin, TX to visit...that's right...another aunt and uncle. TM's family is huge! That's where I am now.

I can't actually believe that I'm in Texas. I've seen so much just looking through my window. It's beautiful and scary...someone had Ole Dixie flying high over their business. I also ate at my first Sonic. I kept seeing the commercials in New York and never caught on that everyone was always in cars. Now I get the whole Sonic concept!

Note to Quel: I'm so sorry I didn't give you a head's up about being in Austin. I thought that we were only staying here one night, but we got in so late that we decided to stay an extra day. We'll be out on 6th Street tonight, though I don't know where yet. I absolutely love your city, by the way.

Since we decided to stay, I took full advantage. I went for a run around Town Lake this morning and was impressed by how many women were exercising. I washed my hair...always an endeavor... and now am going to sit in the sun room they built and read the new Harry Potter novel while it dries. Tonight, we're going to a rib house and checking out some live music. I'm very excited. I'm really digging Austin...I mean really digging it.

Our next stop will be New Orleans. Neither of us have ever been there, so any suggestions on a place to get good food and good music?

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Quel said...

Well, well, well. I'll try not to take it personally that you snuck up and through here. I am glad that you got to experience ATX, though. It's a very cool city. Good for you for getting out there on Town Lake. It truly is a jewel right in the middle of the city. Happy trails back up north.