Sunday, August 05, 2007

That's What I'm Talking About!

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TM and I just got in the door about 30 minutes ago from our cross-country trip. Luckily, our bodies, souls and relationship survived the six days and over 2,800 miles. And now I have so many more states that I can say I visited! I had to include Utah and Arizona because those are two of the Four Corners I mentioned earlier. I have now seen 56% of the country.

Off to bed! I'm going to try and avoid getting in any car for at least one day!


vaslav said...

howdy pardner
couldn't resist - so let's get this straight - you have now done so much more to and with cattle than I ever dreamed was possible! And then, what, you put a rubber band around Lucas' braid and it fell off in the pasture.. Oh no, getting my stories mixed up! I hope you took at least one photo of said "girl bob". (I'm sure he looks great now) The wedding sounds fantastic - I think you can tell a lot about a family by their weddings.How is M. liking Atlanta? My rbother and sister in law lived there one year and both hated it...of course they were living in one of the souless suburbs, and my sister in law awas working at a drive up Fox Foto booth...
welcome back and good luck on the move!

Bery said...

Wow that was so cool!

To think that I was excited when my husband and I went from El Paso, Tx to Los Angeles, to San Francisco, to Las Vegas, to Denver Colorado, to Santa Fe, NM to El Paso, again!!

It was Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico again and Texas!!!

We'll definitively try something like that!!!