Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A New Perspective

It is amazing...absolutely amazing. I just passed in my last final of my first semester. I am officially done with first semester. I'm not done with work, mind you, but all my professors have all they need to give me a grade for my first semester. I already know that I got an "A-" in the hardest class I took this semester, so that's a good start.

When I slid my final under the professor's door, I instantly felt good. Instantly! Like a drug kicked in or something. I am now going to write a press release and do some research on experimental studies on high school kids, but I don't mind at all. My first semester is done.


Vaslav said...

You kicked Harvard's ass, if I might say...and I am not at all surprised.

beebs said...

YAYYYYYY Congrats!!!!