Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Like the Blog, Not the Blogger

So there's this blog I read on the regular. I read it because it has a very specific purpose and I have learned a lot...when I was contesting something very intimidating, I used the blog to help me compose the letter. At the same time, I was often so envious of how together the blogger seemed with regard to this specific aspect of his/her life. But there is something going on with this blogger, he/she is getting mean and not nice to read. And through one recent post I realized, this blogger's life has a lot to be desired. Though he/she may have one aspect of his/her life under control, some other, very important aspects are a hot mess!

I know this is a bit of schadenfreude, but I feel better knowing this blogger is not perfect in all things. I also hope this blogger finds some solace and peace in his/her soul, because he/she is not a nice blogger right now. Maybe the blogger should take a break.

P.S. I'm not naming the blog because that would be unnecessarily mean. I doubt this blogger reads my blog, so chances are it's not you.

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