Monday, June 16, 2008

I Talk Too Much

I don't tell secrets, but I do talk too much. Especially when I really like the person. I was looking through all the emails I had saved from the beginning of my relationship with TM and they started with him writing me, and me writing back. It was a very even see-saw. Then a few weeks in, it turned into 4-5 emails from me to him, then his reply. It got very uneven. Most of those emails were about trivial things, too.

I must worked much harder on keeping my mouth shut. I must let the next person get a word in edgewise. I must listen SO much harder than I did with TM. Because TM did mislead me with what he wanted from life...don't get me wrong...but he also gave me clues to our downfall.

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Anonymous said...

I got onto this blog by accident today. Sorry for the tough time you are going through. My only suggestion is to let go of whether you were misled. I think relationships are much more complicated then that and sometimes things change within. It could be possible that you were misled on purpose but my sense is that most times its not done on purpose and the discovery process is much more complicated. The only reason I say this is because I hear anger (probably justifiable) towards TM and if that anger lingers all it does is affect you internally. Hope that makes sense.