Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Same Ole Question

When does it stop hurting? I've moved out of the apartment we shared; we are no longer a family in the eyes of our cell phone plan; I changed the layout of my blog; I'm running every day...for the past two days :)...what does a girl have to do to get over the man she loves/d?

I think she needs a shot of testosterone because the guy always seems to be SO fine. Is it that easy to get over me? Am I that bad a person that the guy can move on so quickly, with a quick wiping of hands and a "good riddance?" What's wrong with me? Saying "nothing" is not cutting it tonight 'cuz I feel very wrong.

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Bery said...

I do not think you are the problem because every single women in the face of this earth asks herself the same question.

Men ALWAYS seem fine, but turns out, they aren't. They just know how to pretend better (which I just do not understand).

It hurts even more to see that they are "over" us so quickly and we start wishing we were exactly like them.. but what's the point in pretending? I do not know!!

Be strong girl!! You can do it.