Friday, November 11, 2005

The Answer Is...

It was an anxiety attack. Usually they happen in the morning, but this one kicked in right in the middle of the afternoon. I talked to a friend Thank you!, took a walk with a co-worker Thank you!, and now feel better. Well...maybe "better" is too strong a term, but I feel less like I'm losing my mind.

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Bright-Eyes said...

Is there a person that you feel safe with when this happens to you? I had a safe person when I used to have these attacks. They were usually sparked by something that just wasn't going right, but really small. Like getting a busy signal or something. I would always go outside and breathe, call someone that would just let me freak out a little, and then I would calm down. Mine usually happend in at night. I would feel like the walls were all coming in on me and I wouldn't be able to catch my breath. I would start crying and feel the weight on the world on my head.
Believe it or not...they will go away once you begin to heal.