Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bad Mood

I've been in a bunch of different moods over the past few months...many of them not so fun. I've been depressed, sad, hurt, scared, anxious, desperate, tired, etc. However, the one mood I have not been in is bad. Throughout all of this, I have not been in a bad mood.

Until yesterday.

The thing that put me in a bad mood yesterday is the thing that has kept me in a bad mood today...there is no water in my apartment!

For some reason or another, the super is often shutting down the water. He schedules the water shutdown in the middle of a work day always so the least amount of people will be affected. And he always turns it back on when he says he will. I respect that. I know this is a prewar building and that it takes a lot to maintain it. And I like our super...I really do.

Yesterday was different. At two o'clock, I go to turn on the water. I hadn't woken up in time to shower before the shutoff went into effect. There is no water. I call the super. He says he just turned on the water, so give it a second. So I do...still no water. At three o'clock I call again. He says that he has water down in the basement, so it's just taking a bit to move up to my floor. He tells me to turn on all my faucets to facilitate moving the water up. At four o'clock I call again and make him come up to my apartment and make sure there's nothing wrong with my pipes. He talks to my neighbors and discover that water is only getting to the second floor. At five o'clock I have to kick him out of my apartment because I'm going to be late for my therapy appointment. I still have no water at this point. I brush my teeth and wash my face with some bottled water I had bought at the movies the day before. I put on a BUNCH of deodorant and hope for the best.

Then...this morning. I woke up at nine o'clock, check the faucets. There is water! Hooray! I use the bathroom and flush the toilet. Then I make my big mistake...I go back to bed. I wake up again at ten thirty and use the bathroom water. Nothing coming out of the shower, a trickle coming out of the faucet. I call the super again. He's not answering the phone.

I'm going to have to trek to my gym to use the showers there. It's a Bally's gym, so they don't provide you with anything...not even a towel. I need to wash my hair, but I have 'locks so there is a whole process involving gel and hot oil treatments. I can't do that in the gym shower. On top of that, I have dishes in the sink I can't wash. I've got a Christmas tree I can't water. I've got laundry I need to much so that my laundry bag is too big for my New York cart so I'm going to have to bring it the laundromat in shifts.

I am in a bad mood.

But there is balance in the mom told me that my Christmas presents are arriving today.

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