Friday, December 30, 2005

Inspiration in Cyberspace

So I read this great post by Melissa, a New Yorker...well, actually she's from PA and now she lives in Miami, but really hates it and wants to move back to New York...or PA. But she's in love and she has a dog and really great stories to tell about the Miami bus system. I dig her because she's a Virgo and has lived in Brooklyn like me! and when I called her out on a post, she responded with respect and openness. Not one iota of defensiveness.


She wrote this great essay about memory and what influences how we feel about a particular time in our lives. I won't summarize...go read it for yourself and make her hit counter go up. It was very lovely and made me think about how I'm approaching this end/beginning on New Year's Eve Eve.

I spent most of this fall and winter in the past. I guess 'tis the seasons to contemplate what has been. In doing so, I also recreated my present and shaped my future. I dealt with the trauma of an abusive relationship and a dysfunctional childhood. And I added fulfilling activities into my life that nourish me. I faced my mother with what Christmas has been for me in her home. And began a new Christmas tradition -hopefully- in mine. I consider myself a Buddhist, but it's always wonderful to be reminded there is balance in the universe.

This year has dealt blows to many of us: from devastation that we all witnessed, to personal tragedies that only a few of us will know of. And there has also been victories, both great and small. Hooray to the death of the Republican Party! Melissa's question is a good one: how does one remember a year? Though Jonathan Larson had one answer..."measure in love" I think that it's really our choice on how we remember 2005...or any year, for that matter. Because there is balance always in all just depends on what we allow ourselves to take in.

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Melissa said...

The delicate balance that we all contribute to is something worth preserving. It's karma, it's the golden rule, it's being a good person and not treating people like crap. I think you're totally right - we allow ourselves to take things in and when we allow in too much negativity then we become negative. That's not how I want my 2006 to be. So as I craft my memories for this year with my actions of today I will keep your words in mind.

P.S. I had a chair like that, too! I'm so glad you have yours. A little reminder of how far you've come and how much you've grown. ;)