Friday, December 30, 2005

Mood Update

My mood is greatly improved from yesterday. The primary reason is that the water pressure has been restored. I finally had a trickling of hot water at eleven o'clock last I instantly washed all the dishes and watered my plants. At one am, there was hot water in the shower, so I immediately took a shower. Oh...I took a shower yesterday morning in the super's apartment in the basement which is freakin' HUGE, but there was no hot water in his place, so I had to take a cold one. As of right now, we still have water. This afternoon, I am doing my laundry and washing my hair because I don't want to risk putting it off. You don't realize how precious something is until it's gone.

I also got fantastic Christmas presents from my mom. The chair in the picture above is as old as I am. My mom got it as a present when she brought me home from the hospital. I always
loved this chair because it was the one thing in the house that fit me perfectly. I sat in that chair and read. When my mom would do my hair, I sat in that chair. Ever since I bought my place, I've been pestering my mom to let me have it. She's always resisted. But this year, she shipped it to me for Christmas. It makes me so happy just to look at it. I was that small, you know? Strange...

My mom also got me Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney. It's a children's book, but isn't it funny how often children's books can be so insightful for adults? My mom is very good at getting me those kinds of books. When I broke up with an old boyfriend, she got me The Missing Piece by Shel Silverstein. Guess How Much...refers to night a while ago when I was contemplating suicide and I called her at one in the morning. I was crying hysterically and I kept asking her to tell me that she loved she did, over and over. My mom wrote a wonderful inscription that makes me cry everytime I read it.

I love my presents. I love having running water.

I'm in a much better mood.

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