Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Positive Things in My Life

I think it's important to remind oneself about positive stuff that's occurring in one's life, especially if you are the one making it happen. So...

1. I am taking piano lessons. My teacher is very demanding, but he believes that I can handle it. Right now I'm learning fingering of scales and arpeggios. I have to go buy music books.

2. My step-grandfather sent me a Christmas check for $50.

3. I am going to make a chicken stew to bring to work for lunch.

4. I decided that I'm not going to graduate school in January. Instead I'm taking Beginning Sign Language and a writing class entitled "Illness as Odyssey."

5. I'm going to get a dog probably in January or February.

6. I think I am almost caught up on my winter movies. King Kong is next.

7. My best friend loves my Type A personality.

8. I bought The Artist's Way tonight and I know it was a very good purchase.

9. I got stuck in my building's elevator tonight and I didn't panic. In fact, I figured out a way to get myself out.

10. I have an appointment tomorrow to meet with a representative from Social Circles. Creating structure is very important, so I am creating scenarios that will get me out of the house.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello, luv -

Just read both blogs in a stretch - I felt a little nervous because you mentioned that this was an outlet other than talking to friends, but then I remembered you told me about the blogs, so I figured it was okay ...

I'm proud of you, sweetheart. So many people are content to stay in their cells, even though the door is open; it's really brave to be putting yourself in all these new situations and to be slogging through the pain so that you can come out the other side.

You're welcome for the walk. Any time.