Monday, December 12, 2005

The Whole Blog Thing IV

Sometimes I read all that I've written in the two blogs I've created and wonder what type of person do I seem like. This blog is not like the ones I enjoy reading in that it's specific to one very difficult thing ...same holds true for my last blog. But there is a lot of other stuff going on with me...good and bad. Piano lessons, guy stuff, my first Christmas tree, crazy Saturday nights where I didn't end up partying anywhere, yet didn't get home until 2am. I should have totally just stayed home! It just doesn't feel as fulfilling to blog about those things. I have a need to blog about the IOP, the medication, the doctors, the trauma. I think that if I didn't write it down, I might not tell anyone any of scared am I of what I dealing with and what people may think about it. Writing it here so that everyone can see makes it less powerful, less scary.

And I need all the less scary I can get these days.

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