Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Murphy's Law is a B*tch!

It's two forty-five in the afternoon and I'm not at work. I am home, where it seems like I've always been. The reason why I'm at home? Because I have a really bad cold. I got it on Monday and did nothing but rest and read. By this morning, my throat was on fire, an earthquake hit my chest everytime I coughed and my whole body felt like I was pummeled with stones.

What a sucky feeling to call in sick my first day back to work. I'm drinking tea, taking steam showers and generally trying to take it easy so I can go back tomorrow. Of course it happens that the time I get a handle on one illness, another one comes along. Damn that Murphy's Law!

On another note, being this sick allowed me to finish all 782 pages of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke. I really enjoyed this book. It is written in the style of nineteenth century literature, but with a modern wit. It tells the story of an England that did not exist, however, Clarke has such a way with detail...hence the 782 pages...that I believed it all happened...and some pretty amazing events occur in this book. If you can get through the first 200 pages or so, which I admit are difficult, it is well worth it at the end.

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tuckergurl said...

I was just about to call you to see how your first day went. I really think something is going around. I'm sick too but am just at the beginning of it. I am trying to fight through it until Friday.