Monday, January 02, 2006

That Ms. Miranda is One Deep Chick

In one of the postings on Miranda July's blog...which is sadly over...she says life is like a river. You can jump in and marvel at how the water swirls around you, stand on the shore and watch its beauty pass, or turn away completely and contemplate something more a tree. Whichever you decide, life moves regardless.

It's funny how that concept has been realized in my life this past weekend. I find myself soaking wet and amazed at the patterns life takes on.

On Friday, I went on an interview/meeting with a sales rep from Social Circles, this club that organizes a different event every night of the week to facilitate social interaction among us crazy and work-crazed New Yorkers. The club is expensive but if you joined the day of your interview, the price goes down I did it. I signed up for two years. But now I regret it. I don't want to pay over a thousand dollars plus fifteen dollars a month plus the cost of the event, to hang out with doctors and lawyers...the only people who can afford this club! Since I'm well within the "you can cancel within three business days," operative word being "business," I'm sending them a letter tomorrow.

My second dive is going much more smoothly. I'm setting up an appointment to meet an 8-year-old cocker spaniel this week in search for a home. He sounds like we might get along...I'll keep you posted.

And the leap that will make the largest splash of all...I head back to work tomorrow.

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