Monday, February 05, 2007

I'm Getting Tired Already

I know the racial issues being brought to the fore by Sen. Obama's possible political run are well overdue for discussion. I know these American assumptions on race and class are so necessary to bring to light. But I just read yet another article about something stupid someone else said and I feel physically exhausted.

Don't get me wrong, it is a brilliant article. It talks about the racism imbued in the word "articulate" when used to describe a black person. I really don't think the problem, the perspectives, and a possible solution could have been written any better. I especially like the part where a Brown professor points out that Rev. Sharpton is extremely articulate, just speaks with a cadence that is rooted in a black tradition; therefore he is heard as inarticulate.

However, it doesn't bode well when I'm already so tired of these articles that have to be written to educate ignorant, racist people under the guise of "open dialogue." I know it has to happen. I just wish it didn't.

I think I need to look for more articles that simply say something like...You are an idiot, Sen. Biden! And anyone who didn't even blink when they read/heard his quote is even more of an idiot!

No, that article will not further the discourse, nor will it lead to more cultural understanding or healing. But boy, would it make me feel better!


The Rover said...

I always thought that I was the first articulate, well-educated black can imagine my disappointment.

Biden is an idiot. Good luck digging out of that hole...

tuckergurl said...

Oh L Britt, I am so with you!!! I too am already tired of this and it had just begun. I feel like I have answered more dumb questions about race in the past few weeks. It's crazy.

summer said...

The seemingly obligatory black/white binary of American dialogue is physically exhausting.

L Britt, you need to pace yourself. If Obama decides to go through with it, and you continue ingesting those articles at this pace, you will find yourself comatose by the democratic primaries.

tuckergurl said...

Tee hee. Summer has a point. I'll take that advice.

m. said...

unfortunately Biden is NOT the first IN-articulate well-educated white politician in this country to reveal his idiocy in public remarks.

UNFORTUNATELY -- that number is impossible to gauge!