Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Decision

So, as I alluded to in a previous post, I have decided to attend Harvard. I told them online...they allow you to reply online now. Crazy!

But the real big decision is that TM and I are moving to greater Cambridge metropolitan area together. He's going to pursue his passion...not for me to I pursue mine. We're talking about neighborhoods we can afford and should we buy a car and how much space we need and how will we make sure the chores are done fairly. We're also having very difficult...for me...conversations about money and budgets. It's bizarre to be discussing these things with him, but only in that it feels so natural to be discussing these things. I think we are realizing that we're about to begin the rest of our lives. That idea is thrilling and terrifying simultaneously.

I do have to say I'm looking forward to leaving New York. Eight years is a long time to stay in a city I thought I would never live in. I will miss my friends and the restaurants and the ability to walk everywhere. But I have a million and one memories from this place to keep me warm. And honestly, I'm done...I've had my fill.


pgt said...


Such big news!

I'm so excited for you!

Vaslav said...

You are making your dreams come true - that's what I most admire.
you are choosing where to live, what you'll be doing the next few years, who you'll be doing it with - and they're all great choices. Bravo!
I hope Ella likes Mass....