Friday, May 25, 2007

Oh The Things I've Seen!

In Union Square: A rotund, bald white man, about 6' 3", wearing dress pants, shirt and a tie making out with a petite, stick thin Latina girl (she looked 16) with hair down to her butt wearing short shorts and Chucks.

On East 23rd St., Brooklyn: a brother and sister, both younger than 6 or 7, completely riveted by a rainbow created by the sunbeams through the sprinkler on their front lawn.

On the Uptown 2 train: a middle-aged black man with a outdated haircut and beige suit trying to discreetly soothe a huge hard-on while reading the sports pages of the Times.

On the corner of Ave. I and Bedford, Brooklyn: a woman getting out of her car blaming the biker for the accident that just knocked him off his bike.

In my house: a man who looks like a younger version of TM....actually, it's TM older brother. He and his wife are visiting for Memorial Day weekend.

Actually, I heard this one: On the phone: a spacious, one-bedroom apartment in a safe neighborhood very close to Duke University for $450 a month! This is where my sister will be living next month. I've lived in the Northeast too long.


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