Friday, June 01, 2007

The Crush Grows...

My crush on Barack Obama was never a crippling one...the way I lust for Channing Tatum, for instance. However, I do heart Barack a great deal. This Times article just made the crush grow. Now, I don't want to hear him give a speech...I want to sit on the benches of a street court and watch Barack play pick-up basketball.

Of course, if I get an opportunity to hear him give a speech, I won't pass it up.

In other news, it has been reported that Michael Patrick King is writing the script for the "Sex in the City" movie. It's about time! is what I say. I hope he doesn't pick up where the show left off because it's been a good three years since that show ended. I don't want to see the ladies plastered in make-up to make them look younger. I would like to see the 4-year-old Brady and the toddler that Charlotte and Harry adopted. Of course, Mario Cantone is the source of this information and even he admits none of the stars has officially signed on to be in it. So don't hold your breath.

I recently went on a rant about the horrors of run-on sentences in a particular book...which I can't name because I didn't like it. Ever since then, I've discovered I talk in run-ons all the time. And since this blog is usually conversational, I find that I write in run-on sentences here. So now I'm hyper-conscious about inserting appropriate periods. I understand that, although they flow when heard, they often do not flow when read.

What else? I'm going to MA this weekend and hopefully will come back with an apartment in a highly-gentrified area. Call me bougie, but I am so tired of only having West Indian, take-out Chinese, and pizza as my restaurant options in my neighborhood. I just want to live near a grocery store where I can get mesclun greens and asparagus consistently.

I've been thinking about taking a hiatus from this blog. I want to try my hand at more creative writing...not for publication or anything...just to keep myself arty. The energy that I use for this blog may be diverting that goal. No final decisions yet...just thinking about it. Of course, a full course load at Harvard may end this blog with the quickness!

Oh! A big shout-out to my sent-from-the-heavens boyfriend and my kick-ass friends for putting up with me. I spent last weekend with a woman who is very similar to me in certain wasn't easy!

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