Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's a C-O-N-spiracy!

Okay, I swallowed it when I found out construction on the New Target...the Target I was so excited about...was going be completed this fall...after I move to Massachusetts.

But this is the last I watched TV tonight, I heard the rumblings of a large truck on my street. Since my street is totally residential, I peeked out to see what was causing all the racket. It was a Fresh Direct truck! Ever since I moved here, I have petitioned Fresh Direct online to get them to come here. I had just about given up. And NOW, 5 weeks before I leave this place, Fresh Direct delivers!

It's a conspiracy created by the Man to drive me crazy!

P.S. I would love to link to websites and italize the way I normally do, but I'm using a Mac now and for some reason, it doesn't have the same toolbar on top of this window. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Kelly said...

Are you trying to use blogger with Safari? If so, that's the problem. I use Firefox to write my posts and you can hyperlink with it.

5 weeks to the move? Wow! That has come up quickly. (More quickly for you, I'm sure.) :)

Angela said...

Kelly's right. Safari is not great on Macs. Firefox is the way to go. It is a free download.

m said...

Can you use html? For italicizing type: "" before the phrase and "" after the phrase. I think and might also work.

m. said...

oops! it actually italicized my phrase -- instead of giving you the characters that you need for italicizing. I wonder how to type it here -- without it disappearing as code! Use "em" and "/em" between arrows:<>. The first at the front of a phrase and the second at the end of a phrase. left arrow em right arrow italics left arrow /em right arrow.

Let's see if this works...