Friday, July 20, 2007

Recipe for Loving This Country

I've discovered the secret for loving America without bitterness or cynicism. The key is to see it. I know, I know...duh! I always considered myself a well-traveled person, but I recently discovered that I had barely seen the country I was born in. Two days in a different time zone has made me appreciate the diversity of landscape that is this country.

I am currently in Taos, NM. But I have also been in Denver and Ft. Collins, CO in the last two days. I am on vacation with TM where we'll be spending a couple of weeks with his friends and family. I have to say, I was/am a bit nervous about meeting his clan...because he has a very big family...but so far, we are having a marvelous time. Lots of laughing, good food and great views. The Rocky Mountains are astounding and it is very loopy to be dealing with a two-hour time difference while adjusting to being higher than a mile above sea level. My 20-minute-run yesterday felt like I ran for an hour.

I will try to post some pictures when I can; this is going to be whirlwind trip. Did I also mention that we're driving back to the East Coast? I'll keep you posted.

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Quel said...

There is SO much of this country I haven't seen A friend of mine took a road trip from Austin to Portland and his pictures and accounts of the beauty of this place were awesome. I think if I were to witness them in person, I'd have a greater appreciation for the creator than America.