Thursday, January 31, 2008

For My Moments of Doubt

  1. He calls me when I'm 15 minutes late coming home just to make sure I'm all right.
  2. He offers to do the dishes all the time because he knows I hate that chore.
  3. He asks me about my day...every day.
  4. He recommended that we go into couples counseling to help us communicate better.
  5. He randomly sends me silly text messages for no reason whatsoever.
  6. He helps me stick to my diet and exercise regimen without making me want to kill him.
  7. He is starting to care about my dog.
  8. He told his job he couldn't work on Valentine's Day.
  9. He is braving my Harvard friends to come to a Superbowl party with me.
  10. He makes up silly songs using my nickname as he walks through the house.
  11. He celebrates every victory I have at Harvard, no matter how small.
  12. He wanted me to come to his first recital, even when we weren't okay.
  13. He and I share a cell phone plan.
  14. He talks to me about his struggles with his friends and family.
  15. He tells me so.


Anonymous said...

Vaslav complained:
OK, number 7 - I'm jealous.
My cat is unloved, disdained, even. It's weird how this matters, but it does.

summer said...

#3 - He asks me about my day...every day.

I JUST said that to my guy. That's one of my fave things about being in a relationship -- someone giving a damn about your day, and you theirs.